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Embellyum - Wavre


In partnership with Embellyum, Spot U Art will present the works of Charline Lancel at Embellyum in Wavre.

Charline Lancel is a Brussels based visual artist producing digital Op Art pieces that are currently printed on Aluminium panels using the ChromaLuxe sublimation technique. Under sublimation, the image is not printed on the surface of the panel but instead after intense heating actually becomes part of the image. The use of aluminium suits Charline’s work perfectly as her compositions often have a fluid molten metallic kind of feel to them. Charline is intrigued and fascinated by optical illusions. She always loved maths and geometry ; is very interested in Fibonacci’s numbers and the golden ratio. She particularly love spheres which to her evoke the planets, and give her the feeling that she is connected with the cosmos.

Her visual universe resembles the works of Vasarely. Charline wrote her senior thesis about geometry and the works of Piet Mondrian. She likes Mondrian’s approach which strives toward minimalism of abstraction, his researches and his study of vertical and horizontal lines have inspired a part of her own work.

She graduated from the IATA (Technical Arts and Crafts Institute of Namur, in Belgium) school in the Transition Art section.

Born in 1976 in Belgium. Lives and works in Brussels.


Exhibition Charline Lancel

29 March - 30th June 2014

Opening 28th March 2014 from 5pm


48 Rue de Bruxelles - 1300 Wavre

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