Projects by Alexia Werrie

Up-Site Tower - Brussels

  • By Alexia Werrie

With its 140 m high 42-storey tower, UP-site is the highest residential Tower in Belgium and one of the highest in Europe, which makes it exceptional.

In Partnership with D-Side Group, Spot U Art presents during one month a selection of four artists at the last floor of the new Tower with an exceptional view of Brussels. 

Discover the photographs of Caroline Notté, Benoît Féron and Yves Ullens, along with the sculptures of Christina Jékey. 



Quai des Péniches 69, 1000 Brussels



1-30 june 2014
Visit by appointment only. Contact us or +32 2 733 55 28
Quai des Péniches 69, 1000 Brussels


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