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Kill Biie - Smets Store


Spot U Art is delighted to invite you at the Late Christmas Shopping Night at Smets in Brussels.

During this event, Spot U Art will present the new serie Kill Biie by Caroline Notté and Phil Akashi. 


Using the icon “Barbie doll” and going beyond the doll’s cosmetic aspect, the duo Caroline Notté and Phil Akashiquestion the evolution and the future of women in today’s societies. Through images that are optimistic, powerful, and symbolic, the artists amaze by their dramatic, aesthetic and ferocious approach. Caroline Notté and Phil Akashi’s work is an observation of the society. No judgement, political or activist intention is present in their demarche.

While some women are still in search of a fundamental freedom, others take their cause to the point of losing their identity. In a wild society constantly asking for more, Akashi-Notté present the women as  "superwomen".

The result of this work stems from a man/woman confrontation, a dialogue between two pioneering artists but also a very fraternal complicity. Their journeys to the four corners of the world cement this culture shock, Phil Akashi (B.1978) living in Hong Kong and Caroline Notté (B.1977) in Brussels.



KILL BIIE Photography serie - 10-20 December 2014

650 Chaussée de Louvain, 1030 Brussels

+32 2 733 55 28 

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