Projects by Alexia Werrie

UP-SITE TOWER @ Brussels


With its 140 m high 42-storey tower, UP-site is the highest residential Tower in Belgium and one of the highest in Europe, which makes it exceptional.

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Wellfin @ Château d'Ophem - Belgium

Wellfin, in partnership with Spot U Art, organized a corporate event inside the beautiful Ophem castle in Brussels.

Spot U Art presented interior and exterior sculptures by Clotilde Ancarani and Djack, two belgian artists. 

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Embellyum - Wavre

In partnership with Embellyum, Spot U Art will present the works of Charline Lancel at Embellyum in Wavre.

Charline Lancel is a Brussels based visual artist producing digital Op Art pieces that are currently printed on Aluminium panels using the ChromaLuxe sublimation technique.

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Launch event Spot U Art

A four day event by Spot U Art dedicated to the promotion of an innovative and modern way to acquire artworks!

The works of 25 emerging artists from all over Europe will be presented and made available for purchase. More than 50 unique and original paintings and photographs will be shown in their material and digital form in an unusual location in Brussels. 

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