Inside the Studio

Inside the studio of Mireille Roobaert

  • By Alexia Werrie

Multidisciplinary photographer Mireille Roobaert welcomes us to her home in Forest. Meeting with a passionated photographer.  

Many travel halfway around the world, from Los Angeles to Auckland, via New York, Paris, Naples ... opens her the doors of the reflection on the achievements and projects of those she met.
Enthusiastic, curious, dreamy and somewhat rebellious the artist addresses through her photographic work many topics such as natural places or built by man, shapes, textures, colors or the man in his environment . "One does not feel the same way when we are at the foot of Everest or when one is facing the Mediterranean for example."

Passionate about music, Mireille Roobaert confesses she can not work without. She says she would love to meet Annie Leibowitz. "Her talent is huge! "
"Every meeting, travel, reading or music is for me a great inspiration: U Han Bin, Korean photographer who photographs the forests, Annie Leibowitz, Diane Arbus, Salgado, Banksy, so original, every time he surprises me, Ai Wei Wei, Anish Kapoor, etc! Closer to home, Wim Delvoye, his associations of ideas are great and also open new perspectives on the world around us, and Jean Janssis bichromate gums, one of my former professors of St. Lucas, Caravaggio for the light, I am speechless at his works. "

"In music, I have to be concise, Marin Marais to Front 242 and the New Beat, through reggae, dub, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Massive Attack to name only the best known, Dead Can Dance, African music , Indian and folk, film music, Michel Legrand, the French song (not all!) jazz, Sun Ra, Afrobeat, Fela Kuti, Mozart, Nina Simone, Patricia Barber, and the whole scene electro, I can not not mention the DJ Acid Pauli, completely fan finally could fill pages with this thematic."

Music is omnipresent in Mireille's life and is passed from generation to generation. Her son Sacha sign under the namesake Holysmal, several promising songs to listen endlessly on Soundcloud.

Mireille is currently working on a new serie "TREES" and completes "DESARCHITECTURE". "Concrete is pictorial and scalable at will under my pen, trees and concrete will they meet in harmony in my virtual universe ?, to follow."
She tells us enjoy working with the online gallery Spot U Art: "The work is produced on order with the requested and personnalized finish. It is also a very flexible way of working and makes it possible not to accumulate too much artworks in my studio. "

A Museum / institution Mireille particularly likes: In Brussels Bozar, and also the Louvre, Cartier Foundation, the Getty Center, the Guggenheim, there are many great and sumptuous museums around the world, I've seen a few, there so much more to discover, what lucky!

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