Inside the Studio

Inside the studio of Christopher Coppers

The Belgian artist Christopher Coppers questions our relationship and our attitudes to the ubiquity of images, and proposes a plastic variation on the media consumption. Meeting in his studio in St Gilles located in an old cold room! 

Portrait de l'artiste Christopher Coppers (L’Excellence by Audi) from Etvonweb on Vimeo.


Christopher Coppers explores the theme of the graphics contamination: take a picture and tear to see what you can remove, or a paradoxical "creative destruction" controlled approach. "I spend hours playing on the image with a cutter to give a different value to a magazine, a second life, an exploration of textures, materials and reliefs ... I am particularly interested in the place of this media in people's lives. For some people, the magazine has become almost a religion, an essential manual for everyday living.

From the age of 10, he starts his passion for magazines. Any type of paper goes: the paper magazine, poster mode, catalog, etc. Misappropriation of fashion magazines to 3D to the exploitation of their waste, the artist develops its means of expression and accepts his views on contemporary society.

"Nothing happens by chance when talking to media. Everything is rigor and precision.The finished product, be it a TV, a telephone, a magazine, a book, a newspaper, a radio, a computer, camera etc ... becomes obsolete immediately and dramatically by the simple fact of being on the market and accessible to the public. It is therefore the purchase that loses most of its value when it has not even been used. These become relics of the past and will do what can matter when the following will occur. It is rather disconcerting to realize the way and the speed at which the media have evolved. "

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