Inside the Studio

Inside the studio of Laura Gianetti


Italian based artist Laura Gianetti opens her doors of her Berlin Studio to Spot U Art. 

SUA: What are the recurring themes in your works?

LG: "I've been always attracted by the research of powerful and elegant images.  After my study of Natural Science,  I discovered that the nature was already like this. 

During the last years, I focused my attention on the interaction existing between human social behaviour and nature: starting from basic elements and working in a spontaneous way,  I tried to recognize how people move themselves into and through it, exploring the hidden rules as a metaphorical research for an interpretation of our life."

SUA: Which Work of Art/Artist/Music/etc. has a strong emotional impact on you? 

LG: "I found lots of inspiration from artists like Francis Bacon or Sebastião Salgado, expecially for their way of working but maybe the one who helped me more is Gerard Richter: as only a photograph could do, he recognizes objects as they are but without being passive in the same time. And that's great.

By the way, there are lots of things that gave a strong emotional impact to me like for example watching movies from Ingmar Bergman, Werner Herzog or Pier Paolo Pasolini, listening songs from the Doors, Television or Piero Ciampi or reading books from Jean Baudrillard, Carl Gustav Jung and many texts about the Golden Section."

SUA: Are you working or considering working on a new series?

LG: In this moment I'm working mostly on portraits series. One of these projects is called "GIRONEVE" and it is a series of photographic portraits snapped in long exposure times in multiple flashes focused on the theme of identity. It was born from the desire to recover the consciousness of self through time by mergering physiognomy and individual expressiveness.

SUA: What is the main advantage of working with an online art gallery? 

LG: I think that the advantage of working with an online gallery is that you have the possibility to show your own work with all the informations, breaking geographic restrictions, in a faster way. That means you can share your own art as soon as it's ready, on different platforms. Moreover it allows the artist to have a virtual feedback immediately.

Discover all the works of Laura Gianetti here 

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