Inside the Studio

Inside the studio of Christina Jékey

Meeting with the artist of Hungarian origin, Christina Jékey, in her studio in Rhodes-Saint-Genèse. A journey towards inner peace.

Christina Jékey, tireless explorer of the multiple possibilities offered by different materials, such as wood, metal, stone, plexiglass and glass, occupies the space intensely. She flushes out all the possibilities of the material and creates new life from it.

"Her stuff" is the volume more than drawing or painting. 

Through her creations, the artist tries to create harmony, relief and inner peace. Her works are recognised as exceptional for their beauty and their positive energies.

A fascinating and poetic world, between dream and reality, which appeals to Belgian and foreign galleries, including the world of haute-couture and the cinema. The fashion designer Stephane Rolland took inspiration from her works to design his winter collection 2012-2013; her sculptures are shown in the film by Stefan Liberski "Tokyo Fiancée".

At the heart of her creative process, the artist works about different themes: spirituality, vibration, geometry, spiral, meditation and nature.

Her inspirations?

" Creation: artistic and spiritual " of Omraam Mikhael Aïvanhov as well as many books on quantum physics, philosophy and spirituality.

Her recent works/serie she's working on: 

The artist is constantly working on the research for new materials, exploration of 3D shapes as well as wall mandala sculptures. Christina transcribes her dreams, the ideas coming to her mind in the morning, in a semi-awakened state. Her multiplex sculptures are not only extremely graphic but a real emanation, a radiation, an extension of the soul which spreads harmony and strength to everything surrounding it.

A Museum that she especially likes:

Guggenheim in NY: the spiral shape of the building is already sculptural itself! The museum is an artwork. The ascension is gradual.

Why working with an online gallery? 

The main advantage offered by an online gallery is the worldwide visibility combined with elements like transportation.


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