Inside the Studio

Inside the studio of Sabine Nielsen

Discovering light in Sabine Nielsen's studio. 

The Franco-Danish artist Sabine Nielsen opens the doors of her studio in Lasne. An artistic discovery punctuated by color and energy!

Sabine Nielsen's work is punctuated by this vital research to create light through a color research. By multiplying the experiences and exploring different facets of the curve, the circle, the lines of the spot, the artist tries to create a harmonious composition with vibrations to give positive energy. Her goal? give them a rhythm, a melody. "I would like my paintings to sing!"

Constantly inspired by everything that surrounds her, Sabine Nielsen essentially draws her ideas in nature. Trees, wood, waves, a movement, a flock of birds or even drops of water on the ledge of a chair. But also in design, high fashion or music.

The music is part of her working atmosphere. Sabine also tells us that the work environment is very important; her mood and responsiveness also but mostly a state of mind, concentration. "I often put loud music. This can vary between pop rock, sometimes even radio or French music, text, songs that I love as Barbara, Brel, Gainsbourg, Marie Warnant, JL Aubert. "

What characterizes the work of Sabine Nielsen is this constant energy research and harmony within her compositions. The series of "Spotty" takes a desire of the artist to convey an almost childlike energy and spontaneity. A carefree feeling that too often fails us.

In the work of "Gouttes à Gouttes" the artist composes paintings made of thousands of drops of colored pigments that sank along the canvas and, at the bottom of the table, crystallize. These lines of colors that are juxtaposed, sometimes overlap, create vibrations when they are added together. This complex work reveals a real mastery of color and its associations.

Inspired by the "Whisper" phenomenon created by Starlings, Sabine Nielsen wanted to pick up the pace set by these birds in flight. Each small "spotty" is carefully placed through the canvas and creates a cloud of colored dots.

The artist works on several projects including a new serie. If,she confesses, it is still be in the experimental stage and thus not wanting to reveal anything, she tells us however that this is still a search of color and sobriety, surprise! .. ;-)

Museum or a place she loves?

Sabine Nielsen loves to visit cities and observe the architecture. "I just returned from Paris where I am never tired of its 360° beauty . Louis Vitton foundation with its majestic architecture which resembles a huge boat hull. In Brussels, I like to walk inside the Ixelles Museum where there are often beautiful and temporary exhibitions, or at the Van Buuren Museum with its large art deco style that I love. "

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