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The most exciting exhibitions of 2014!

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What does 2014 have in store for you? What artwork do you need to see? Where do you have to travel? SPOT U ART has selected for you the must-see contemporary art exhibitions of the greatest cities of Europe. Here is our selection for 2014!


Paulien Oltheten & Anouk Kruithof - Stedelijk Museum - Amsterdam

Two prominent women share an exhibition in Amsterdam. Paulien Olthethen specialises in street photography, Anouk Kruithof is a more multidisciplinary artist whose work explores the boundaries of images. The exhibition gathers old but also exclusive artwork from these two artists, who deserve to be discovered.

Amsterdam – Stedelijk Museum – 14 March to 8 June 2014



The original and dedicated project 8artists/8project intends to give visibility to emerging artists. Eight prominent art collectors commit themselves to help young artists not yet represented in art gallery with their exceptional projects. The Cab thus transforms the usual mercantile link between collector and artist in a creative relationship.

Brussels – Cab –23 April to 31 may 2014


Stephan Balleux is one of Belgium’s most talented young artist, this is the first time his work is the sole subject of an exhibit by a public institution, do not miss this opportunity to discover him.

Brussels – Le Musée d’Ixelles – 26 june to 14 september 2014

ETATS D’AMES at La Maison Particulière – Brussels

The « états d’âme », the feelings, are the core of our lives. La Maison Particulière offers a discovery visit in a house representing the human unconscious. Each image presented in the house, put together by collectors and one artist, is a reflection of our souls.

Brussels – La Maison Particulière– Beginning the 16th of january 2014.


This is the first Belgian exhibition by German artist Franz Erhard Walther, whose work is at a crossroads between performance, abstract painting, conceptual art and minimalistic sculpture.  The  artist’s reflection centers around artworks as object that can be used, this exhibition will therefore be centered around touching , and various workshop will be hosted by the artist himself.

Brussels – Wiels – 21 February to 11 May  2014 

AKRAM ZAATARI -  Wiels - Brussels

This is the first Belgian exhibition by Lebanese artist Akram Zaatari. His video and photographic works ponders the production and circulation of images in the political environment of the Middle East. Images as a means to install social norms, such is the reflection of this artist that will make you think about a current society obsessed with appearances.

Brussels – Wiels –21 February to 24 April 2014



Inventive and exuberant American painter Richard Jackson invades the S.M.A.K in Ghent. Practitioner of the action painting, the artist expands his art on objects and their environment, turning painting into a performance : a quirky experience you cannot miss!

Ghent – S.M.A.K –17  march to 1 june 2014


This exhibition on German artist Thomas Ruff centers on a very modern consideration: the historical transition from analog photography to digital photography. His work on infrareds, dark bodies and the disappearance of light is a technical metaphor of this sudden social change.

Ghent – S.M.A.K –17  may to 24 august 2014


SILKE OTTO-KNAPP Exhibition - Camden Art Center - London

London based artist Silke Otto Knapp  is a painter obsessed by performance and landscape. She views the canvas as a stage and the layers and colors as a scenario. Her use of silver and black pigments gives an ambiguous and ethereal quality to her work. The exhibition will also feature collages, a published essay and a choreographed performance: let yourself be enchanted!

London – Camden Art Center – 17 January to 30 March 2014 

BAILEY’S STARDUST - National Portrait Gallery - London

Known for his work in Vogue magazine, English photographer David Bailey presents in London over 250 of his best photographs that he personally selected and printed. This very special exhibition will feature his most renowned portraits of celebrities, but also anonymous subject. David Bailey makes you “learn to see the extraordinary”.

London – National Portrait gallery – 6 February to 1 June 2014 


BILL VIOLA - Le Grand Palais - Paris

Le Grand Palais welcomes for the first time art video pioneer Bill Viola, and will present a large amount of his works from 1975 to present days. Art amateurs in search of spirituality will enjoy his installations based on the metaphysical themes of death, life and transfiguration.

Paris – Grand Palais –5 march to 28 July 2014

JEFF KOONS - Centre Pompidou - Paris

This is the first retrospective of Jeff Koons’s whole career. The exhibition will feature his most famous works but also a preview of brand new artistic creation, so you must be there!

Lee Ufan - Chateau de Versailles - France

style="line-height: 1.2;">This year’s guest artist at Versailles is the Korean Lee Ufan. His artwork, which exhibits a pure and simple beauty, will be displayed outside the royal palace, into the immense garden.

Paris – Versailles –The year 2014

MONUMENTA 2014 by ILYA and EMILIA KABAKOV  - Grand Palais - Paris

Monumenta is an annual must-see: one contemporary artist is appointed each year to present a huge and exclusive work in the central part of the Grand Palais. This year, it is the Russian couple Kabakov, specialized in making a concept out of everyday object, that will reinterpret the nave of the museum.

Paris – Grand Palais –10 May  to  22 June 2014

NIKI DE SAINT PHALLE - Grand Palais - France

The Grand Palais dedicates an exhibition to the late Nikki Saint Phalle and offers to the public a way to reacquaint themselves with her whole career. She was a liberated, unconventional and original woman, with a strong artistic point of view, whose artwork spoke very loudly all through the 20th century.

Paris – Grand Palais –8 October 2014 to 18 january2015


FRIDA KAHLO - Scuderie Del Quirinale - Rome

Mexican artist Frida Kahlo’s life and career is to be summed up in one sole exhibition. By translating her tumultuous life in the lines of her self-portraits, she wrote her own legend with art. Do not miss it!

Rome – Scuderie Del Quirinale – 20 March to 13 July 2014


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