Art musts of the week: 25 - 30 january 2014

January 30, 2014

What You must know : An interactive way to experience the restoration process of artworks.

This Tuesday January the 28th was American painter Jackson Pollock’s birthday, the occasion for us to tell you all about the most innovative way of celebrating the artist’s artworks. This idea comes from the MoMA, which blogs on a frequent basis articles, photographs and videos of the process of restoring Pollock’s works!  A unique and interactive way to discover the conservation process, and, in the meantime, Jackson Pollock’s whole career!

“Jackson Pollock conservation project” :

What you must have : arty cushions for the contemporary dreamer!

Saatchi artist Jessica Zoob designs for Black Edition a collection of 50X50 cm cushions to embellish your dreams and color your naps. The collection, Desire, also features wallpapers, cloths and curtains, which translate the painter’s art into textile.

Discover them all on :

What you must see: a premiere in the auction world, a sale only dedicated to video art

On January the 29th, the auction house Vincent Wapler organizes at Drouot the very first auction to sell  only video artworks. This event will put into the light works on 35 and 16 mm films, videotapes, DVDs and digital flux. The date of this global premiere commemorates the anniversary of the death of Nam June Paik, video art pioneer. This auction is a revolutionary event that reflects the importance of technologies in the 21th century, an importance upon which Spot U Art, online gallery,  rests.

For more information :

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