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Phantasmagoria @ Mac's Grand Hornu - Last month to see it!

If David Bowie likes him, you should too : American Tony Oursler, revolutionary video artist who created the concept of "screen sculpture". Recently he directed the music video of Bowie's "Where Are We Now"(*), and right now he's the subject of a solo exhibition called Phantasmagoria at The Mac's Grand Hornu.

The exhibition features known works of the video artist such as The Loner (1980), Bitch Cycle (2012) and Jinx (2001), but also two new and exclusive art pieces commissioned for the exhibition itself!

Tony’s Oursler works are centered around dolls, bodies, and ghosts : he transforms images into matter by projecting them on objects (for instance, he’s put the face of David Bowie on a doll).This particular exhibition mainly reflects the artist’s fascination for stage magician Gaspard Robertson, pioneer of cinema, whose phantasmagoric shows of light and sound used to terrorize XVIIIth century Parisians, and lead the way to the Lumiere Brothers’ invention of film. In French history, the phantasmagoria shows, that created ghost shapes and other fear-inducing figures out of a simple technical device, took place at the time of enlightenment and thus symbolizes that pivotal moment when the fantastical became science and superstition, knowledge.

In this exhibition, then, Tony Oursler very clearly tries to create another turning point in history, and to identify the dilemmas of our contemporary age, such as the tension between freedom and the surveillance state, the changing of body images, or the blurred line between lie and truth, in short : he tries to project society’s fears on objects, just like Robertson used to do. This concept is crystallized in the main piece of the exhibition, the 46 meter long eponymous Phantasmagoria, inspired by the Grand Hornu itself and designed especially to exploit its space.

Phantasmagoria is one MUST-SEE exhibition that provides insight into our modern society’s deepest fears and beliefs : you have less than one month to discover this art show gem, don't miss it!


Phantasmagoria - MAC'S Grand Hornu

17 November 2013 - 23 February 2014

Tuesday to Sunday 10 am - 6 pm

Site du Grand-Hornu - Rue Sainte-Louise, 82, B-7301 Hornu



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