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Franz Erhard Walter & Akram Zaatari @ WIELS

Franz Erhard Walter: The Body decides

This week there’s a double opening at the WIELS in Brussels!

This February the 21th, you can discover two exhibitions we’ve been expecting eagerly : the Akram Zaatari show “This day at ten” on the one hand, and the Franz Erhard Walter “The Body decides” on the other. 

Franz Erhard Walter is an artist whose work is at a crossroads between performance, abstract painting, conceptual art and minimalistic sculpture.  The artist’s reflection centers around artworks as object that can be used, this exhibition will therefore be centered around the themes of objects and perception and will gather essential pieces of Walter’s career from the 50s on. Franz Erhard Walter considers is artworks in terms of utility and does not conceptualize his pieces as appearances, forms to look at, but rather as objects to be dealt with.  Many of his artworks can be touched and handled : it’s the body that decides how to perceive a piece, not the intellect or the imagination. The artist will host some workshops during the exhibition: do not miss this opportunity!

Brussels – Wiels – 21 February to 11 May  2014 

Akram Zaatari:  This day at ten

Akram Zaatari is a Lebanese artist and documentary maker that explores the possibilities of different media. For his first solo exhibition in Belgium, he presents a show based on the concept of the letter : a personal recap of feelings and reaction to what occurs in the world.  The artist’s work centers on linking personal narratives with objects of history, so as to offer a critical insight on how images with political or ideological meaning circulate into society today. Images as a means to install social norms, such is the reflection of this artist that will make you think about a current society obsessed with appearances.

Brussels – Wiels –21 February to 24 April 2014


WIELS - Avenue Van Volxem 354, 1190 Forest

Akram Zaatari: This day at ten

21 February to 24 April 2014

Franz Erhard Walter, The Body decides

21 February to 11 May  2014

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