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Art musts of the week: 21-28 February 2014

  • By Alexia Werrie
  • In Art news

What U must  see : a literal interpretation of movie  posters

Have you ever wondered how life would be if it were like the movies? The New York based artist John Burgerman did, and staged this very question into a photo series that will literally blow your mind!

Burgerman captures the logical consequences of actions and postures rendered on TV and movie commercials : he gets for instance a bullet in the  head by James Bond, or an arrow in the heart by Lord of the Rings’ Elf Legolas, all the while harboring a goofy expression of surprise. Under a comical guise, this visually striking work denounces the normalization of violence and questions the notions of detachment and image perception in our contemporary culture. We recommend it warmly!

Jon Burgerman : Head Shots Series 2014,

What U must have : a nice addition to your daily make-up needs

The cosmetic brand La-Roche Posay has collaborated with artist and illustrator Natacha Birds so as to create artsy pocket mirrors to compliment your make-up collection. These little gifts exist in 3 different versions, and are offered until all stocks are exhausted, whenever you buy two La-Roche Posay make up products.

Combining quality care products with pretty and useful complimentary gift : we like!

What U must know : the inauguration of a Spot U Art artist’s work Yves at BeoBank

BeoBank has recently commissioned an artwork by artist Yves Ullens to embellish their offices at Boulevard Général Jacques in Brussels. The piece, inaugurated earlier this week  and titled CRESCENDO, is a sculpture on chromalux harboring the trademark colors of the bank, the shape of which suggests the form of graphs : a perfect combination of art and professionalism that renders in a creative way the activity of  financial sectors! We salute such a nice initiative from Beobank!

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