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Il me faut tout oublier @ Maison Rouge - Paris

Planning a little trip to Paris this weekend ? Be sure to check out the Berlinde De Bruyckere and Philippe Vandenberg’s “Il me faut tout oublier” duo exhibition at the Maison Rouge!

Berlinde De Bruyckere, the Belgian artist, is commissioner of this very exhibition, and has decided to share it with late Flemish painter Philippe Vandenberg, whose work is less known to the French public.

The essence of art, according to De Bruyckere, is those invisible things that are conveyed by an artwork.  “Il me faut tout oublier” is an exhibition based on a “dialogue”, the invisible dialogue between her works of a more sculptural nature, and the paintings of her passed fellow artist. They both have very different techniques but render the same concept : the human capacity to metamorphosis through both processes of beauty (hybridization) and pain (fragmentation).

The main theme of the exhibition, forgetting, is expressed mainly through words and letter by Vandenberg . In “Kill them all”, some walls of the Maison Rouge are covered in intimate thoughts spelled out, that encourage to make tabula rasa, as well in the public’s personal life as in art history. The discourse is fragmented, because, as late Vandenberg expressed: the human nature is fragmented, and from matter rises the whole, the spirit. From bodies in transition and voluntarily unfinished works stems an idea, an invisible meaning, or in De Bruyckere’s terms: art.  

This exhibition is not an easy one to go through, violence, pain, and the death of De Bruyckere’s friend and “artistic soulmate” Philippe Vandenberg is omnipresent in every room of the Maison Rouge, but we do recommend it, as it is a deep reflection on the human nature, its weaknesses, its strengths, its materiality and its spirituality. If you visit France any time between now and May, be sure not to miss it.


“Il me faut tout oublier”, February the 13th to May the 11th 2014 – Maison Rouge, Paris (France)

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