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Michaël Borremans @ BOZAR

They did not get unnoticed, the posters for the Michaël Borremans exhibition “As Sweet as it Gets” at the Bozar in Brussels. On them : a tall woman in pink lace, her face covered in black. Compelling, dual and original, this image perfectly summarizes this fascinating retrospective.

Michaël Borremans is a Belgian multidisciplinary artist who has worked with all possible media such as painting, photography, films and drawings. In line with Belgium’s art tradition, Michael Borremans is very close to the surrealism; he doesn’t respect any kind of limitations, and does not fret to make references to any kind of arts. His pieces are striking, subversive, contradictory and absurd, they appeal to the public’s imagination, and encourage to both dream about the poetry conveyed, and think about the process of making art.

This particular exhibition has taken the bet to try and represent the artist’s whole career to date. The pieces are not delivered in chronological order, but rather by associations. What strikes the mind is the artist technical and thematic consistency, all through his 14-year-long career he has never wandered from his principal concerns, and never delivered an unaccomplished piece, so much so that they mingle together perfectly, making it impossible for the viewer  to differentiate the old from the new.

This mingling of pieces is essential, as Borremans’ work relies enormously on composition. He transforms sometimes mundane objects of reality by simple use of light, space and association, creating illusion from the conflict or connection between every element of the art piece and its environment.  The artist can put an ordinary branch on a wall, and give it depth by a play of light and shadow for instance. 

An in-depth catalogue of the exhibition is available, featuring interviews of the artist himself, but also of many great names speaking of Borremans’ oeuvre to date, such as David Lynch, Thomas Gunzig or late Jan Hoet (who had given the artist its first solo exhibition at the SMAK).

Michael Borremans  believes that any art form ( architecture, literature, painting, etc.) is a transcription of life’s absurd and metaphysical essence. Do not miss his very original vision of our contemporary world art Bozar this year!


As Sweet as It Gets – Bozar, Brussels – February the 22th to August the 3rd 2014

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