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Richard Mosse « The Enclave » @ FOAM Amsterdam

Today opens at Foam in Amsterdam an exhibit dedicated to the work of the Irish artist Richard Mosse. “The Enclave” project drove the artist and his collaborators in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo during the year 2012. Struck by the absence of a concrete trace of the conflict on the landscape, Mosse documented rebel enclaves and sites of human rights violations in a way that attempts to overturn traditional realism, and see beneath the surface.


The installation, consisting of six large screens, represents the conflict situation in Congo and was shot with infrared film that was designed by the military to detect camouflaged installations from the air resulting in vibrant, psychedelic magenta coloured palette. Besides the film installation, related photo works are shown.


The resulting installation is the culmination of Mosse's attempt to rethink war photography and engage with the unseen, hidden and intangible aspects of eastern Congo’s situation – a tragically overlooked conflict in which 5.4 million people have died of war related causes since 1998.


 “The Enclave” by Richard Mosse can be seen from March 21st until June 1st 2014 in Foam.

Address: Keizersgracht 609, 1017 DS Amsterdam, Netherlands
Phone: +31 20 551 6500


Open daily 10am - 6pm, Thurs/Fri 10am - 9pm.

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