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Art musts of the week: 14 - 21 april

  • By Alexia Werrie
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What You must see: Retrospective: Richard Jackson @ S.M.A.K

First retrospective of Canadian artist Richard Jackson. Jackson is considered as one of the most radical artists of the last 40 years. The artist has expanded the possibilities of painting more than any other contemporary figure. "In his obsessive way Richard Jackson parodies not only European art history, with its very explicit and colorful “paintings”, his exhibition also challenges in a liberating and grotesque manner the sublime and sensitive brushwork we know from the “painter’s nation” of Belgium."

Ain’t Painting a Pain



What you must have: Catalogue "Les archives du rêve"


Werner Spies presents the exhibition catalogue "Les archives du rêve" This selection brings together

over 200 works by Cézanne , Degas, Kupka , Manet , Millet, Moreau, Redon , Seurat, Spillaert and

many others, which are currently on display at the National Museum of the Orangerie in Paris.

Reviewed by a hundred artists as Pierre Alechinsky, Andreas Gursky, Anish Kapoor, Jeff Koons,

David Lynch and Annette Messager, all these archives takes us into a world conceived as a diary.

From small daily entries to the work done, we have the opportunity to discover the mysterious

dreamlike visions of each artist through interpretations made by these contemporary artists from

very different backgrounds.

Edition: Orsay Museum Musee de l'Orangerie / Hazan, 2014 - Werner Spies, Leila Jarbouai - 240 x

300 mm 432 pages - French € 49.90€ - Exhibition - 25.03 > 30.06.2014 - Musee National de


What you must know: Controversial human zoo to be recreated as art project in Oslo

For its 200th anniversary of its constitution this year Norway and, the artists Mohamed Ali Fadlabi and Lars Cuzner plan to re-enact one of the main attractions from the centenary in 1914: “The Congo Village”, in which 80 Africans were put on display, living in cabins with palm roofs surrounded by African artifacts. 

In reaction to the many critics from anti racist organizations in Norway their project has met, the artists say their work is meant “to highlight a forgotten event in Norwegian history”.

The re-enactment is due to open on 15 May in Oslo. More information and a submission form are on the project’s

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