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Art musts of the Week: 19 - 25 May 2014

  • By Alexia Werrie


What You must know: Lutetia Hotel furniture sales

The great Parisian hotels are emptying themselves to get a better refill. After the Royal Monceau, the Plaza Athénée and the Crillon, the Lutetia, located in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, is selling its contents. Three thousand pieces of furniture (estimated between €1 million and €1.5 millions) and some eight thousand bottles of wines and spirits are on sale, as the contents of the suites decorated by Arman, Hiquily or César. The Lutetia is also a meeting place for intellectuals, such as Picasso, Matisse, Sartre and Malraux. Purchased by the Israeli group Alrov, the Lutetia will close its doors on June the 1st for three years of work, under the guidance of the architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte. More information: - Suite de l’hôtel Lutetia, dont le mobilier est mis en vente par Pierre Bergé & associés du 19 au 25 mai - © Affirmatif 

What you must see: In Situ Art Festival @ Aubervilliers Fort



The In Situ Art Festival shows the works of 40 urban artists, gathered in secret for several weeks at the Aubervilliers Fort. Their mission: transform this mysterious and unknown industrial wasteland and open it to the public. AFTRP, developer of the Aubervilliers Fort, welcomes an initiative of the Art en Ville Association. The festival stretches over two hectares and highlights a multi-shaped heritage and outstanding: halls, stores, houses, alcoves as well as car wrecks provided by the old Casse Auto/scrapyard. Through this In Situ intervention, the artists have been invited to adapt the concept of transition. This now empty site has stopped all former activities and the demolition of some buildings is scheduled for this fall. More information: - IN SITU Art Festival - Fort d'Aubervilliers - © From The Skyline 

What you must have: Rodin / Mapplethorpe, Actes Sud Beaux Arts


This exhibition catalogue (Musée Rodin, from April 8, 2014) confronts works of the American photographer Robert Mapplethorpe (1946-1989) to those of Rodin, in a strong dialogue. The first sculpt the body through his lens, and the second uses photography throughout his career. Nothing seems to link the two artists. One seeks after the perfect shape, the other insists on capturing movement in matter. More information: Actes Sud Beaux Arts / Hors collection -April, 2014 / 22 x 29 cm / 256 pages / Co-publishing Musée Rodin - € 40 - ISBN 978-2-330-03159-6 

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