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Art Musts of the Week: 15 to 22 June 2014

  • By Alexia Werrie


What You must know: Street Art across the world thanks to Google Maps

Google has partnered with museums and artists around the world to create this virtual tour of the most beautiful places of Street Art Expression. With JR, Banksy and SAM Museum of Turin artists, there are hundreds of works available in this digital documentary made by the Cultural Institute of Google. Videos, photographs, archives, this document gives complete freedom to the viewer for its navigation. More information:

What you must see: Julien Colombier showcases for the Maison Baccarat @ Le Printemps Paris



Le Printemps invited french painter Julien Colombier to revisit the history of the Maison Baccarat in the 6 windows of the Printemps Haussmann Maison. This artist is specialized in the staging of jungles and rainforests. Imagined as a room of the apartment of a collector traveler, each showcase represents the influences of major destinations of the world: Asia, the Tropics, India, Russia, Europe and the Middle East. A tribute to Baccarat prestigious orders around the world for more than two centuries. To discover from May 15 to June 21 2014. More information: - Vitrine représentant les Tropiques - © photographe : Francis PEYRAT - © illustrateur : Julien COLOMBIER 


What you must have: Jo Malone's « Blackberry & Bay » Candle designed by Michael Angove


There never ceases to be something deeply satisfying about heading home with a signature cream and black bag in tow. It's amazing, really, that such a global brand can still inspire a feeling of somehow being in on a secret, of being someone in the know. Suffice to say we were pretty keen to get our hands on the new Jo Malone/Michael Angove limited edition collection. The fine artist, who specialises in highly detailed chinoiserie wallpaper, has created exquisite, bespoke designs for the Brit brand inspired by Blackberry & Bay and Orange Blossom. It looks gorgeous and smells divine too. The collection goes on sale at Blackberry & Bay Candle - 200g - €53 - More information:

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