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Art musts of the week: 8 - 14 september 2014

  • By Alexia Werrie
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What You must see: Arik Lévy’s sculpture at the Atomium, Brussels.

Until the 30th of September, Arik Lévy’s sculpture will be exhibit in front of the Atomium on the occasion of the Artview exhibition, organised by Design September and Art Brussels. Artview is a meeting-point between contemporary artists and art lovers.

Practical Information : Atomium Square, 1020 Brussels / Opening time : everyday from 10am to 18pm/

What you must have: Vanessa Gade’s Mondrian Necklace


The contemporary jewelry brand Vanessa Gade, created the Mondrian necklace, a part of Inner Circle collection and the brand’s signature line. The creator, Vanessa Gade got usually inspired by contemporary artists’ works like Piet Mondrian but also René Magritte.

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What you must know: Air-purifying facade for Milan Expo 2015

The Palazzo Italia’s facade will allow the Milan Expo 2015’s visitors (from May 1st to October 31st 2015) to breathe purified air. The building’s architects, Nemesi & Partners, plan to build a giant artistic pollution filter. This facade will be a part of the Expo 2015 but will be a permanent feature even after it.

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