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Trop Humain @ Geneva - Switzerland

Going to Geneva last week-end, I decided to visit one of the famous institution in the Switzerland city, the Red Cross Museum. As I didn't know really what to expect in terms of exhibition, I was so astonished by the scenography and the way the Red Cross museum sensibilize the public to its daily goals around the world.

Different rooms, separated in 4 thematics: "Chamber of Witnesses", "Defending human dignity", Restoring Family links" and "Reducing natural risks". 

The museum highlights the troubled periods of history or present-day conflict zones and show how these contemporary issues are of concern to each of us today and, in a wider perspective, will affect our common future for decades to come.

As I was walking through the permanent exhibition rooms, I decided to visit their temporary exhibition " Trop Humain"presenting 20th and 21st artists works facing suffering. The works presented in this exhibition were selected for their presentation of suffering inflicted to human beings by other human beings. It presents a powerful exhibition with a heavy past weight still very present. Artists as Anri Sala, Berlinde de Bruyckere, Thomas Schütte, On Kowara, Pablo Picasso, Leon Golub or Pascal Convert are representing in each of their work their testimony about inhumanity. The power of this exhibition is also the fact that no act of suffering is really represented, everything is in the insinuation. No cries or words, its in the staging. A very interesting exhibition I recommend and that reminds us how it is important to keep a peaceful world. 


An exhibition by the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum in collaboration with the MAMCO.

Trop Humain

7.05.2014 - 7.01.2015

International Red Cross Museum

Avenue de la Paix 17
1202 Geneva- Switzerland
+41 22 748 9511

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