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Art musts of the week: 10 - 16 November 2014

What You must know: The Yellow Cat in court

In the context of the hunt of the street artists, painting on the walls of the city, the famous autor of the Yellow Cat, Thoma Vuille, will appear in the courthouse of Paris. Because of his work in the metro station Châtelet in Paris, the RATP assigned M. Chat and demand reparation. The amount of money required is colossal. By its actions in this case, the RATP hopes to daunt the others and to make an example in it war against street artists painting in the corridors of the metro of Paris.

What you must have: An App to see the art in another way !

This week, discover the new Tumblr App “Great Art in Ugly Rooms”. In opposition with the traditional way, thanks to this app, you can admire some art master pieces in the ugliest contexts. With a big dose of humour and a prononce taste for the absurd, “Great Art in Ugly Rooms” presents a reflexion about the kitsch and the genius, what does one and makes the other.

What you must see: A colorful jungle in the Botanique


Famous for his interventions in the streets of Brussels, Vincent Glowinski, aka BONOM, presents an impressive fresco in the corridors of the Botanique. Painted two years ago, he extended his work and gave to the forest a second life and the impression that the jungle grew, in response of the caneva. After a concert, a visit of the Museum or a walk in the park, we invite you to admire the inside walls of the Botanique, losts in a savage painted vegetations.
Le Botanique, Rue Royale 236 1210 Bruxelles, Free intrance.

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