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François Morellet @ the SMAK - Ghent, Belgium

Between all the differents museums that you can find in Ghent, the SMAK is the only one focused on contemporary art. Energic and individualist, you can discover in its exhibition rooms a panel of  experienced artists or talented beginners.
A nice advantage in this art facility is the installation of the different works an the dialogue that they realize between the permanent exhibition and the original pieces. Plus, a detail that will change your visit and is verry important for me, because it is absent in a lot of museums, you can sit on shoals in every room. And therefore you can take your time to admire some work that moves you, without hurting your legs and feet !

In 2013, the S.M.A.K received a leg from the inheritance of the collector Henri Chotteau. The leg included a great number of François Morellet’s pieces. In the 40’s, the artist tried to evacuate the individual subjectivity and to obey to collectives preoccupations. Ten years later he decided to adopt the expression of geometric abstraction, influenced by the work of Mondrian. The result is neutral images, universel, which leaves no place to individual choice or subjectivity.
The exhibition presents some of his important work, and the sober placement is an invitation to interior contemplation, with some pieces that give almost the impression to vibrate.

Spotted : The texts of the rooms are really explicits and traducted in french, english and flemish, and the brochure is well done. Other good point, the MSK is just accross the street, if you want to pursue an arty day !

13/09/2014 - 11/01/2015, 12€ / 9€ / 2€, S.M.A.K Jan Hoetplein 2, 9000 Gand,

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