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Art musts of the week: 1 - 6 December 2014

Must Know : A new record for a business in extension !

An original plate of Tintin by Hergé signed in 1937 was sold at auction this saterday in Paris for 2,519,000 euros (fees included), a new world record for a work of comic reflecting the popularity of a new market which prices have increased tenfold in ten years. The double page presents the Belgian reporter and his dog Snowy in 34 different situations, each of which is attached to a highlight of an album, the "Blue Lotus" to "The Broken Ear". It shows Tintin in as a cowboy, as an explorer, knight armor, riding, walking in the desert, by plane, by car, by boat ... He is also shown wearing a thick fur coat in a snowy landscape: an image which, according to experts, does not refer to any known story but might mean that Hergé was planning to write one that would be held in the North. After a "battle auction of more than 15 minutes", the famous double page, carried out by Hergé ink to form the Tintin albums cover pages published from 1937 to 1958, has been sold at an international collector for more than 2,5 millions of euros. Never seen in the area of the "ninth art" ! 

Must See : An Arne Quinze’s sculpture in the streets of Mons !

In the occasion of Mons 2015, the city hosts the work of the belgian artist Arne Quinze. Maybe you already saw his art in the streets of Brussels, a few years ago. It took 35,000 meters of douglas wood and pine to build "The Passenger", which takes place in Mons for 5 years. This monumental sculpture is the work of the Flemish artist Arne Quinze who received the opportunity for collaboration of twenty students of "Arts in the Square", the Graduate School of Fine Arts in Mons. It connects the house Losseau, literary center of Mons 2015, and St. Elizabeth Church. Although disputed by some because of its cost, this impressive invading red cloud in Mons worth the look!

Must Have : Is every picture an enigm ?

In the context of the exhibition actually shown in Paris, this catalogue begin from a reflection the enigmatic part that you can find in every picture. The autor collected a numerous sample of pictures taken by anonymus and neglected by them, and retraced the history of photography. Pictures that escaped classification and aesthetic norms, and can briefly cause a sense of surprise or puzzlement, a feeling that we are being asked a question rather than shown something obvious. An interrogation about the artistic photography, and more precisly what make one.
Michel Frizot, Toute photographie fait énigme, Editions Hazan, 2014, 224 p., 39€

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