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Flamish collectors @ the Tripostal of Lille

Wim Delvoye, Trophy, 1999 © Photo : Maxime Dufour.

The Tripostal has the charm of old industrial buildings and work. Initially devoted to sorting the mail, it was transformed during Lille 2004 European Capital of Culture to be a must today for contemporary creation. Ideally located in the city center, between Lille Flandres and Lille Europe, or art center or museum, but instead of art and life, it has three long shelves of 2,000 m2 each, which provides great flexibility scenic.

The space is perfect to receive the actual exhibition, a blend of different contemporary art pieces, owned by flamish collectors. Born after the Second World War, they started for most to collect in the 1980s. You can admire photographs, installations, sculptures, paintings and videos, dated from the 70’s until today, works monumentals from the most.

The way of the exhibition unfolds through the three floors of the Tripostal by visuals and conceptuals connections, well achieved and rythmical. The works distribueted on the different rooms give to see a story of the contemporary art, from separates approaches and various styles, that intrigues and will surprise you.

Spotted :

- Most of the collectors didn’t want their names to appear.
- The human form fornication of a deer and a doe by Wim Delvoye.
- The gigantic spider of Louise Bourgeois.

Vue de l'expositions Passions secrètes au Tripostal de Lille, avec des œuvres de Mark Flood et Matthew Day Jackson © Photo : Maxime Dufour.

“Passions secrètes, collections privées flamandes”, Tripostal, av. Willy-Brandt, 59000 Lille, Until the 4th of January 2015, 12-19h from wednesday to Friday, 10-19h from saturday to sunday.

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