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Art musts of the week: 8 - 14 December 2014

Must Know : City Councilement scream “porn” at MOCA Jacksonville

Jacksonville, Florida, may be stuck in the 19th century: an image of a reclining nude woman on view at a local museum has local politicians hot and bothered.
The President of the Jacksonville City Council, Florida, requires the cancellation of 230,000 dollars in grants from the city to the local contemporary art museum if it refuses to remove a photograph, "pornographic" he said. “Untitled (Janine Eight Months Pregnant)” (2013) is part of an exhibition of photographs by the Connecticut-based artist Angela Strassheim in the atrium of the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA). Its subject, a pregnant woman, appears nude, basking in the sunlight pouring in from a window that gives way to a chilly winter landscape.

Must See : A Modern triptych
Since the early 1990s, at the initiative of Father Beneteau, the Eustache church of Paris regularly welcomes contemporary artists installations, as Christan Boltanski, Bill Viola or Felix Gonzalez-Torres. Today, to call passersby with a strong work reflecting the internal environment of the church, they appealed to the photographer and video artist Leonora Hamill. The work inspired by religious iconography is projected on the eight windows of the south gate of the church, turns into animated windows and offers a graphical and hypnotic vision of this ancient architecture, dancers crossed by streams, and even a deer! If you push the visit to the interior of the building, you can even see the triptych "Life of Christ" by Keith Haring.

Must Have : For the novice sculptor

Nothing better to learn the history of art than to practice it! With this package, gifted children or not, with their hands can tackle the work of the greatest sculptors : Auguste Rodin, Pablo Picasso, Alexander Calder ... After a quick review of the basics of sculpture, genius of the doors of the creation opens to them. A string of pre-cut cardboard plates allow to perform six pieces, and so to take part in the structure and the manufacture of each sculpture. Entertaining, educational and fun!
De l’Art en Kit ! Since 7Y, David A Carte and James Diaz, Ed. Seuil Jeunesse, 25€

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