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Jeff Koons’s retrospective @ the Centre Pomidou Paris

The Centre Pompidou presents the first major retrospective in Europe devoted to the work of Jeff Koons, taking for the first time the full extent of the work of the American artist, from 1979 to the present.

Sculptures and paintings from around the world, from the first works designed into a vein legacy of Pop art, to the current works in dialogue with Art History. Jeff Koons has become one of the most important contemporary artists while remaining among the most controversial. For 35 years, he explores new approaches to the "readymade" and ownership, playing the seam between elite culture and mass culture, pushing the limits of industrial manufacturing and artists changing the ratio to the cult of celebrity as market rules.

Singer of popular culture, Koons flies the most ordinary objects, including vacuum cleaners, baskets of basketball or inflatable toys into icons of art. Through his works gleaming with bright colors, he portrays a society dedicated to the cult of objects. Constantly changing, just like the popular and artistic issues, the artist decided in recent years to refer to the art of antiquity and infuse a new sustainability.

A colorfull visit of the art history of the top rated artist alive !

Spotted : - His famous Balloon Dog, last one sold for 58,4 millions of dollars !
- The emblematic Micheal Jackson and Bubbles
- His urly ready-made, One Ball Total Equilibrium Tank
- The gift shop with a lot of funny souvenirs ;)

Centre Pompidou, Paris 4è, Place Georges-Pompidou, 26 of November to the 27the of April, 10€/13€,

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