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Art musts of the week: 12 - 17 January 2015

What u must know: Marina Abramović's performance @TheGoldenGlobes Pre-Party

Past Saturday at the charity's Art of Elysium Heaven Gala, performance artist Marina Abramović curated a party that included beds, a lots of stars and silk robes (everyone was given a gray robe to wear over their clothes).  Abramovic collaborated with Costume National to create a new kind of party with a "silent cocktail hour" (drinks were ordered by pointing to a menu).  She came up with the idea to have guests "dressed in pajamas or in beds, so that everyone is equal."  Entertainment included a 3-D film and a musical set by Moby.  The event was projected to raise $1 million for the nonprofit group that brings art to sick children.

What u must see: Documentary following the career of Maurizio Cattelan

A documentary, directed by Maura Axelrod, follows the career of famous artist Maurizio Cattelan. Known as a super provocative artist, Maurizio Cattelan has created some of the most unforgettable images in recent contemporary art. The Documentary is expected to be released theatrically in the summer of 2015. We are thrilled to share the trailer already with you! 

trailer Maurizio Cattelan: The Movie from Maura Axelrod on Vimeo.


What you must have: Architecture for Dogs

Founded by Kenya Hara and produced by Imprint Lab, "Architecture for Dogs" is an online platform with unique line product and modern pet supplies.  Based on the philosophy of DIY, the firm wanted to develop a design that celebrates raw materials such as wood and cardboard.


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