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Art Musts of the Week: 23 February - 1 March 2015

  • By Alexia Werrie
  • In Spot u art

What u must know: The Museum Of Stolen Art.  A virtual space for pieces that went missing.

Virtual reality and the Oculus Rift is not only for video games but also for performance, art and culture!  

Created by the artist Ziv Schneider at NYU ITP, The Museum Of Stolen Art (with an audio guide included) features all the paintings, sculptures that has been reported as missing and stolen in the FBI and interpol art crime databases.  The museum is a virtual reality experience, a space where one can get a glance at the hidden and the invisible.

The Museum of Stolen Art from ziv schneider on Vimeo.


What u must see: "Logical Emotion: Contemporary Art from Japan" @Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow, Poland.  From 13/02 to 26/04/2015

The leitmotif of the exhibition can be encapsulated in two concepts often treated as each other’s antithesis, "logic" and "emotion".  The organisers of the exhibition hold that the tension between these concepts is the pivot of contemporary Japanese art. The exhibition aims to discover the essence of the "Japanese identity", presenting it in different contexts and attempting to define distinguishing features of its aesthetics.

At the exhibition they present the works of 13 Japanese artists including an architect and a graphic designer, produced in media such as photography, painting, drawing, manga, sculpture, installation, object, video, ceramic and poster.

What you must have: A Minimal Wall Lamp Made From a Single Sheet of Paper.  

Posters are ubiquitous wall ornaments. We buy them, pin them up and take them down, "easy peasy" right ?  That was essentially the idea behind “Poster,” a wall lamp made from a single sheet of paper easy to hang.

Created by the designer duo Naoki Ono and Yuki Yamamoto of YOY, Poster is a series of wall lamps in the form of A2-sized paper. It comes flat, like paper normally does, but the cuts and incisions allow it to take form as you use tacks or tape to adhere it to the wall.

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