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Icon(S) @ Maison Particulière Brussels

The well known art space Maison Particulière present us its new accrochage around the enigmatic thematic of the Icon(S). Again Maison Particulière shows us that such an emblematic topic can have unlimited angles of vision, depending on the guest collectors of course! Last weeks to see this exhibition in Brussels.

The emblematic artistic duo Pierre et Gilles, whose work finds inspiration in the imaginary of their personal fantasies, while echoing ours, are the guests artists of this new show. 

Emblematic figure, venerated image, status of an idol or a powerful mental representation – an icon embodies the deep soul of an era, its timeless character. Interpreting our times and questioning the semantic function of the icon, this exhibition aims to present and highlight the confrontations and analogies between contemporary and ancient icons. These icons are an endless source of inspiration for contemporary artists, who reinterpret and reclaim them to create new images, new icons – while being iconoclastic.


Maison Particulière invited four couples of art collectors who are passionate about ancient and religious art, as well as contemporary art and comics. It is a rare opportunity to see such diverse artworks exhibited together, to provoke surprising dialogues and to link pieces depicting and/or dealing with the religious icons, the heroes of the Antiquity with those of our times.



From Tuesday to Sunday, without reservation, 11 am/6 pm

10€, free for members and students -26 years Maison Particulière art center

Rue du Châtelain 49, 1050 Brussels

T +32 2 649 81 78

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