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Art musts of the week: 8 - 14 June 2015


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Belgian artist Carsten Höller has filled the Hayward Gallery and terraces on London's South Bank with interactive installations, including a pair of spiral slides(+ slideshow). Titled Carsten Höller: Decision, the artist's solo show occupies the two-storey Brutalist Hayward Gallery and focuses on the theme of decision-making. Höller – who has been described as the "authentic Willy Wonka of contemporary art" – is presenting newly commissioned pieces alongside many of his earlier works.

The indoor and outdoor exhibition allows visitors to both "fly" over Waterloo Bridge and experience the world through upside-down goggles. "Almost every piece in this exhibition has a wonderful, mischievous playfulness to it," said Ralph Rugoff, director of the Hayward Gallery and exhibition curator. "It is trying to give us the chance to have a fresh way of experiencing and perceiving the phenomena we encounter in the world around us."

For example, visitors can exit the exhibition via one of two 15-metre spiral slides that have been built into the gallery's exterior wall, accessed through an opening in the building's glass pyramid ceiling. Höller, who installed a similar 22-metre structure in the Tate Modern's Turbine Hall in 2006, describes the slide as a "device for experiencing a unique condition somewhere between delight and madness".

Carsten Höller: Decision has opened 9 June 2015 and runs until 6 September 2015 in London's South Bank.


Anyone who has attended a live auction can attest to the thrill of bidding wars and the chance to see rare, privately owned works. Through a collaborative online sale, known as "Contemporary Curated," acclaimed auction house Sotheby's and e-commerce hub eBay are delivering that experience on the Internet. Some 317 lots of post-war and contemporary art, ranging in price from $2,000 to over $60,000, are up for grabs now—with a live auctioneer streaming on the site as bids flood in.

Works hail from favorites such as Alexander Calder and Tom Wesselmann to artistic innovators like Christo and Sylvie Fleurie. All of this was set in motion by guest curators Dustin Yellen, Roya Sachs, Katie Ermilio and eBay’s Chief Curator and Editorial Director Michael Moskowitz. Moskowitz is an avid collector himself, and the online auction plays host to a video showcasing his stunning SoHo home and private art collection. It's a nice touch that further elucidates exactly what Sotheby's and eBay are going for: access to art for both seasoned and fledgling collectors. On top of that, just scrolling through the artworks can further inform perceptions of some of the most well-known, and obscure, artists from this era.


Sunny Todd Prints is a brand-new British label, established by Sunny Todd with his wife Emma, that designs eye-catching, irresistible patterns for interiors, fashion and products. Passionate about producing designs that are clean, bold and graphic, designs are confidently and obsessively drawn with pen, scissors and scalpel. Scale is explored, reducing and exaggerating to experiment with composition and the impact of the repeat. Every shape is drawn and cut by hand; computers are not used at any stage of the design process. This unique way of working gives the prints beautiful irregularities and ensures that they are refreshingly dynamic and full of movement. Sunny Todd Prints just launched a collection of hand printed pillows featuring six of their best designs, each available in two electric color combinations.

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