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Musts of the week: 29 June - 6 July 2015

MUST KNOW: Marina Abramović and Givenchy Collaborate For NYFW

This isn't the first time Givenchy's Riccardo Tisci has hung from the creative teat of Marina Abramović. Aside from literally doing that for a Visionaire shoot, the two work together very often. 

Marina featured next to Kate Moss in Givenchy's Spring 2013 campaign. Riccardo designed the costumes for Marina's ballet dancers. And, in a documentary about her retrospective at MoMA, Marina credits the Givenchy haute couture studios as the exact place she really became a solo artist.

For Givenchy's SS16 women wear collection, Marina Abramović will have input as art director. The show will take place in New York, rather than Givenchy's usual Paris, on September 11. Considering the sensitive date, and Marina's ability to bend human emotion with a single eyeball, the show is expected to be intense and special. Tisci told WWD, "It's a delicate day for America, and so the show is going to be a celebration of family and love."

Not to reveal anything more about the show, Tisci added, "She's going to help me to art direct the show. It's going to be very interesting."


MUST SEE: Repurposed Wood Doors and Furniture Transformed into Geometric Faces on the Streets of Belgium

Over the last year, Belgian painter and sculpturor Stefaan De Croock aka Strook began working with repurposed wood panels, doors, and furniture to construct giant faces on the side of buildings. The recycled wood surfaces are cut into precise geometric shapes and pieced together like a tangram puzzle, leaving the original paint and textures untouched. His most recent piece, Elsewhere, was a collaboration with his 69-year-old dad for Mechelen Muurt. You can see more of Strook’s paintings, sculptures, and other artworks on his website.


MUST HAVE: 12 Hotshot Designers Reimagine The Iconic Coke Bottle

This year marks a significant milestone for Coca-Cola as its signature hourglass-shaped bottle celebrates 100 years. While the pioneering pop brand has experimented with packaging throughout the decades, there's no denying the universal recognition that shapely silhouette carries.

To mark the centenary, Surface magazine invited 12 designers to reimagine the bottle for its June/July issue. The roster of participants spans coast to coast and includes industry celebrities like architect David Rockwell and up-and-comers like Felicia Ferrone and Jonathan Nesci.

"There was no aesthetic thread we were trying to adhere to," Bailey says. "Our goal was rather to showcase how diverse American designers are in their thinking and output." The brief was simple: "create an object inspired from the original Coca-Cola bottle design that somehow dispenses the beverage," Bailey says. "Not all of the designers followed this."

See the complete series in Surface's Facebook page and read the designers' full statements about their creations.




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