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In September 2015, Opera Philadelphia, in partnership with the experimental troupe The Bearded Ladies, plans to launch the world premiere of “ANDY: A Popera”. Inspired by the infamous artist, this cabaret-style opera will feature original music by composer Dan Visconti and Heath Allen.

The musical mélange ANDY: A Popera is, like its eponymous hero, a fabulous collision of the high and low, the commercial and the artistic, the traditional and the innovative. It is a work that explodes onto the stage–and sparks out into the audience, presenting singing soup cans, Marilyns, and a randy banana on stage with contemporary versions of Warhol Superstars Valerie Solanas, Candy Darling, and Edie Sedgwick. It’s an artistic collision of cabaret and opera exploring what Warhol has become today. What happens when a man becomes a brand?




MUST SEE: How To Turn Scrap Materials And Overlooked Items Into Design Gold

Humans are wasteful creatures. The slightly good news is that designers are sourcing materials that often end up in the garbage (or ocean) to fabricate creative objects. A new group show at the Aram Gallery called Extra Ordinary  details the work of 14 such practitioners who see opportunity in overlooked items.

Of the designs on view, there's a natural dichotomy between them. Some reincarnate materials for a second life. Bubble wrap becomes a vessel; decommissioned coins find new life as jewelry; rolled cardboard takes on the guise of wood log; leather scraps lend themselves for a rigid composite material. The other faction elevates humble materials to high-design: think cheap mouldings turned into tables and heating ducts folded into stools.

"The designers selected for the exhibition show incredible resourcefulness, imagination, and daring," curator Riya Patel writes in the exhibition's catalogue. "They find new ways of seeing what surrounds us."

And it's new perspectives like this that often shape innovation. Extra Ordinary is on view at the Aram Gallery in London until August 22, 2015.





MUST HAVE: Artifact pillows inspired by graffiti and torn posters

ARTIFACT is a new line of Canadian-made printed graphic pillows designed by Stephanie Symns of ANTIPOD. Inspired by original photographs of ripped and torn posters on Main Street in Vancouver’s Chinatown, each pillow feels like a visual wonderland your eye can get lost in.

The front of the pillow is made from a soft and hard-wearing velvet that can easily be thrown in the washing machine. The patterns are printed using an eco-friendly waterless sublimation dye process that makes the colours pop and stay vibrant over time.

Sold as covers, they easily fit a 20-inch pillow insert that you can get at any store like IKEA. If you look closely you can still see the tears and the fragmented text.




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