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"Where I Want to Go”, Tracy Emin's first comprehensive exhibition in Vienna, opened in April at the Leopold Museum . Featuring more than 80 works, the exhibition includes acrylic paintings, gouaches, videos, neon lamp installations, bronze sculptures, and photographs as well as wood, metal, and textile works. It offers a varied overview of Emin’s artistic career that began in the 1990s as one of the Young British Artists group. In this exhibition, in which Tracey Emin juxtaposes her works with those of her teenage idol Egon Schiele, she explores love, loneliness and vulnerability. “It’s like a dream come true.” she said.

Two artists who share striking similarities: both became known as young “art rebels,” both display an intense element of self-exploration in their oeuvres, and both caused a furore over their sometimes provocative artistic practices.

The Vienna show will focus on how Emin and Schiele have both worked with their bodies as subjects of their art. In Schiele's early career he painted himself over and over again in sharply observed, critical self-portraits. Similarly, some of Emin’s most famous works feature rigorous confrontations with her own background and sexuality.

The exhibition runs into nine rooms starting with a scene-setting of the landscapes in which Emin and Schiele each grew up. The remainder of the itinerary it's all to discover but we can tell you that one room represents the game of references between the artists.

This room shows 12 of Emin's gouache sketches depicting herself naked, sitting or reclining; another has four large black and white embroideries. The latter are accompanied by one small Schiele work, Girl with exposed vulva, in which the black dress of the girl matches the dark tones of Emin's artworks.

This is a seductive, intense, provocative exhibition which will help you to discover the deepest part of your soul.

“Tracey Emin – Egon Schiele. Where I Want to Go” April 24- September 14, 2015, Leopold Museum Vienna, Austria.

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