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An exhibition of Roy Lichtenstein (1923-1997) takes place at  the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art in Edinburgh. Three rooms have been dedicated to works by the American pop artist that has been amongst the most radical and influential artists of the Twentieth century.

This exhibition has at its centre 16 large-scale prints made in the 1990s. These are being shown alongside iconic work dating from the 1960s including the early comic book painting In The Car from the SNGMA’s collection, stainless steel interpretations of Monet’s Water Lily’s at Giverny in France, and Wall Explosion on loan from Tate in London.

These works explore some of the major themes that preoccupied Roy Lichtenstein throughout his career, with a particular focus on his fascination with reflections and mirroring. Reflections: Art (1988), an important large oil painting on loan from a private collection, will be complemented by five prints from the Reflections series. Made in 1990, these look back to the artist’s Pop Art period and feature images based on comic book stories of romance and war. Represented as though seen through glass, the images are partly obscured by abstract bands of colour, collaged elements, parallel lines and Lichtenstein’s trademark dots, which cleverly evoke the play of light across a glazed surface.

 Part of the pop art collection and touring programme for 2015, this first presentation of newly-assembled works is made possible by the great generosity of the Roy Lichtenstein Foundation, New York.

Two good news: the admission is free (which may make it hard to avoid the crowd) and the exhibition ends on the 10th of January 2016.

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