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MUST KNOW: Dark Water: Take a Boat Ride Through a Flooded Museum

In order to take in the new, dimly lit installation at Palais de Tokyo by artist Céleste Boursier-Mougenot, you’ll have to pilot a small boat through dark waters inside the flooded museum. Taking its name from the annual flooding event that sees the water levels in Venice rise so high that walkways disappear, the ACQUAALTA exhibition envisions the concrete interiors of the Palais as they would be if the forces of nature were similarly unleashed upon Paris.

Visitors sit or stand within their rowboats, using oars to paddle themselves around the nearly pitch-black space and disembarking to explore jagged foam landscapes. The hallucinatory voyage is reminiscent of souls crossing over to the underworld via the River Styx, with the ferryman Charon to guide them.

As they take in the subtle figurative silhouettes projected onto the black walls, the guests themselves become part of the exhibition, like actors in a play. As they navigate the waters, they are filmed, their movements projected onto one of the walls. The foam ‘island’ is a place of refuge, allowing deeper immersion into the work without fear of drifting.

Boursier-Mougenot believes that creating an atmosphere is integral to art, so that the work is not just disconnected imagery hanging on a wall, but rather an interactive experience that envelops onlookers and makes them active participants. The hope is that as a viewer, you temporarily forget who you are, falling headfirst into a dream-world via an artificially constructed series of hypnotic images, movements and sounds.



MUST SEE: Giant Crystals Explode With Moving Color In This Swarovski-Commissioned Installation

Visitors to London's V&A Museum this week will be greeted with an enormous totem structure embedded with oversize crystals and exploding with prismatic colors. Created by Norwegian-born artist Kim Thomé and commissioned by Swarovski, the blinged-out installation is meant to resemble a crystal chandelier on 2C-B.

To create the effect, Thomé designed a roll of vividly printed mesh that runs in a continuous loop inside the two aluminum faces. As light shines through the graphic mesh and the crystals, the pattern and color are projected, distorted, and refracted. "I wanted people to experience it a bit like you would approach an optical illusion," Thomé says in the video above. "When you see it, it looks a little bit digital because the crystals are kind of flickering on and off with different colors, but really the whole structure is purely analog."

"Zotem" will be unveiled September 15 as a part of the London Design Festival and will be on view until October 31.



MUST HAVE: CB2  is launching a delectably glam collection by Lenny Kravitz

Everyone knows Lenny Kravitz has more style in his pinky than most of us do in our whole person but what you might not know is that he’s been dabbling in the design world since 2003 when he launched Kravitz Design. (If you’ve never checked out his projects, you definitely should!).

His latest venture is a collaboration with CB2 and it’s a glam collection that was inspired by his travels and the California music scene of the 70s. Kravitz’ fashionable reputation and keen eye clearly transcends into home furnishings with the launch of CB2 x Kravitz Design by Lenny Kravitz. Check it out.

The collection launches October 1, 2015 and will be available for a limited time.



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