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MUST KNOW: Famous Rappers Take You on a Tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Ever wanted to tour the Metropolitan Museum of Art's collection of Old Masters with the Notorious B.I.G.? Now you can online through the Hip Hop Project created by Regina Flores Mir, a graduate student at Parsons School of Design in New York.

“I really like hip hop, and I was working in the Met media lab last semester and they were always talking about appealing to younger audiences, and I thought, “Where's Kanye?" Flores Mir told. “You pay all kinds of people to do audio tours at the Met, and if you want to change your audience you have to change your brand. So this was my answer."

The project combines rap lyrics from the Genius database with metadata from the Met, using works of art to illustrate key lyrics. Flores Mir told that a major portion of the project was spent conducting ethnographic research to determine which rappers and songs to use; she was able to narrow down her lineup to 13 recording artists—three female and 10 male rappers—including Nicki Minaj, Jay Z, Kanye West, and Drake.

The Hip Hop project lives at, an homage to theSugarhill Gang song that is widely considered the first commercially successful hip hop track.




MUST SEE: Incredible Light Installation Set in Belgian Pond by Artist Duo 88888

Gorgeous installation by Karel Burssens and Jeroen Verrecht (a.k.a. 88888). “Untitled” is basically a 40′ x 4′ hole in a pond surrounding the Horst medieval castle in Belgium. The structure keeps the surrounding water at bay and lights up, creating a celestial feel at night. The project was unveiled at the Horst Art and Music Festival and will be on display until October 11. 



MUST HAVE: Customize your WEARYOURMASK TEE by textile designer Diana Ejaita.

Diana Ejaita  works as Illustrator and Textile designer in the southern part of the creative German capital Berlin. Her work is a mix of European visual and central African aesthetics taste where her origin come from. The big fascination towards Yoruba masks Urhobo textile symbology and the study of Nigerian Ideograms have been a constant and fertile source for her textile, silk screen, wood engraving and graphic production.

"WEARYOURMASK , my brand, mixes African textile taste of forms and composition with minimalistic designs, simple forms creating a unique style where cold abstract and warm expressionism meet each other." she said.

The first WEARYOURMASK collection is long project with linoleum/wood engraving, paper print, researching on symbols, ideograms like the old Nigerian „Nsibidi“ system touching at very ancient and sacral ways of communication denied to non religious people and to women.

"So I created my own patterns, an essence of duality and femininity."

WEARCOURMASK TEES bring a very different impact, if the former phase alternated black and white forms WEARYOURMASK TEES are exclusively hand painted lively block colours forming playful customizable mask.

Get one!

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