Ecume Blanche II Clotilde Ancarani


By Clotilde ANCARANI

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Abstract Painting by  artist Clotilde Ancarani

Clotilde Ancarani's paintings have all this femininity connotation through the thematics she explores including flowers, ranges, dresses or feathers. Clotilde Ancarani's paintings also capture basins, monumental cups or bowls. Characterized by simple and very full shapes; her compositions are, through a game of colors,  iridescent, creating relief and volume.

While traveling on a boat, the artist admires the sea one day from his cabin through a porthole. It is a revelation: Clotilde Ancarani decides to treat this subject on a round support as she would see it through this window on the open sea. We find in this work a complex game of material made from paint, tar and concrete. Clotilde Ancarani refers to the vulnerable and polluted nature.