Arôme I, II & III Clotilde Ancarani


By Clotilde ANCARANI

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"Arôme" Bronze sculpture by artist Clotilde Ancarani

Set of three bronze sculptures on the thematic "Arômes". Sculptures can be placed inside or outside. 

Clotilde Ancaran's work is an ode to creativity and feminity.

Clotilde Ancarani has been creating paintings and sculptures for over twenty years. What she likes is to play with contrasts, to keep the apparent fragility of the forms while treating them in raw materials in contradiction with this vulnerability. Ancarani works address various topics: waves, fans, flowers, dresses, tree trunks, butterflies. Fragile subjects, light, rounded, feminine, always treated with materials in contradiction. The artist likes to explore at once what is hard, strong, delicate or pierced. This is how Clotlilde Ancarani visualizes women in our time. A multi-faceted woman both sweet and motherly while being strong professionally.

Clotilde Ancarani's work explores different ways of representing this nature through close-ups, landscapes or a detail.  
Most of Clotilde Ancaranis's sculptures take an abstract dimension while keeping down to earth titles.