Lutteurs, Sénégal


By Mireille ROOBAERT

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Showing what is not completely perceptible, is one of the great quality of photography. Freezing a moment, extract a moment from the permanent flow of our lives, our lives in motion and colors. Black and white is often present in Mireille Roobaert’s artistic work because it is also a way to perceive reality differently, outside of time and perceptions of colors of our eye. It is in the sports disciplines that the bodies give themselves, go to the paroxysm of their possibilities, when we observe competitions, we can only see part of the reality, the photography brings us a new dimension and makes appear the beauty gestures, expressions, power, bodies that mingle, materials that twirl, stick, slide, it's all universe that is revealed. At the end of Mireille Roobaert’s studies, she started to make sports photographs, even if Mireille Roobaert specialized in architecture, looking already, all these beauties present and made visible thanks to "thousandths of a second of our cameras" . Mireille Roobaert presents here some photographs extracted from a serie realized in December 2017 on the traditional sport of the Senegalese fight in Senegal. The strength, the power, the animality of the wrestlers, the vivacity and the beauty of Africa are also seen. Architecture makes Mireille Roobaert travel around the world and allows her to meet and  discover other aspects of the world.