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About DAWANS helene

Hélène Dawans is a belgian abstract painter.

After Hélène Dawans underwent a training in painting in Ariane de Rosmorduc's studio, Hélène Dawans explored various painting techniques including painting on canvas with pigments and construction materials, collage, acrylic painting and coatings. The material and colors have always been source of inspiration for the artist. Colors and depths have contributed to a particular rhythm to her works.

Since 2011, Hélène Dawans started to explore paintings on wood. The use of this particular support enabled her to create a series of paintings on wood recovery entitled "Colours on Wood."

Born in 1966 in Belgium. Lives and works in Bousval, Belgium.

Artworks from DAWANS helene

exhibitions from DAWANS helene


2016 Spot U Art, Rooftop 58 (Brussels, BE) 

2014  Faider Gallery (Bousval, BE) 


2019  Africa, Alexia Werrie Gallery (Tervuren, BE)

2019  L’art pour l’Accueil, Châtelain 18 (Brussels, BE)

2018  Ethnic, Alexia Werrie Gallery (Tervuren, BE)

2018 L’art pour l’Accueil, Châtelain 18 (Brussels, BE)

2017 L’art pour l’Accueil, Châtelain 18 (Brussels, BE)

2016 Matières, Alexia Werrie Gallery (Tervuren, BE)

2016 Into the Wild, Alexia Werrie Gallery (Tervuren, BE)

2016 L’art pour l’Accueil, Châtelain 18 (Brussels, BE)

2015 Spot U Art (Sablon, BE) 

2015  Art Hamptons, Vogelsang Gallery
2015  Honk Kong Affordable Art fair.
2015  Dubai Art Fair. Vogelsang Gallery

2015  Spot U Art Event, Ancienne Quincaillerie van AA (Brussels, BE)

2015 Maison et objets (Paris, FR) 

2015 L’art pour l’Accueil, Châtelain 18 (Brussels, BE)

2014 Galerie Art Forum au château de Machelen (BE)

2014  Spot U Art launch event, Châtelain 18 (Brussels, BE)

2014  L'art pour l'Accueil, Châtelain 18 (Brussels, BE)

2013 Maison et objets (Paris, FR)

2013  L'art pour l'Accueil, Châtelain 18 (Brussels, BE)

2012 Maison et objets (Paris, FR)

2011 Maison et objets (Paris, FR)

2011 Tri Logis (Lasne, BE)

2010 Artists journey of Tourinne-la-Grosse (Beauchevain, BE)

2010 Maison et objets (Paris, FR)

2008 Sélection XXI, Indigo Studios (Brussels, BE)