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Based in Brussels, Caroline Notté (CN) has always been moved by the engaging scenes and atmospheres she encounters around the world. An avid traveller and adventurer, her work captures these experiences to create astonishment and kindle aspirations. After graduating at the Academy of Arts in Brussels, CN complemented her studies with a degree in Architecture at La Cambre in Brussels, achieving the highest distinction. She was endorsed to write her thesis at the University of Seville, providing her with one of her first glimpses into a world in constant movement. With an artistic background and specialised in the first of the arts – Architecture – CN then chose to enhance her CV as a complete all-round artist with training in Photography in New-York. Escaping the usual constraints of any single discipline, this multi-facetted approach has shaped her free-style attitude to work. CN assembles images, materials, stories and impressions as roadmaps that define her distinctive language. This specific tone and character is then translated into environments as varied as a hotel, a fashion boutique, an office, a house, etc. In an ever-changing world, where time becomes material but always bound to disappear, CN seeks to capture the moment, to fix the image and its surrounding decor. Through the eyes of an Architect, these snapshots aim to restore a scene’s timelessness and allow its print to be remembered by current and future generations. She is always keen to create astonishment through her artworks, dismissing the dreary sensation of “déjà vu”. When representing cities and landscape, she goes beyond the reproduction of the abstract beauty of nature and its kaleidoscope of colours, attempting to make her own way between fiction, documentary and imagination. CN creates work that tastefully surprises, magnifying the unique and leaving a trail. She takes interest in the essential, the framework and the basic elements of things. Caroline Notté worked in 2013 on a new serie "Kill Biie".  In this serie, the artist questions the evolution and the future of women in today’s societies. Through images that are optimistic, powerful, and symbolic, Caroline Notte raises the fair sex to a pinnacle considering the Woman as an indispensable element linked to the survival of man.Using the icon “Barbie doll” and going beyond the doll’s cosmetic aspect, Caroline Notte amazes by her dramatic, aesthetic and ferocious approach. For each composition, the artist used second-hand dolls found in street markets and she handcrafted custom clothes. To add symbols of emancipation and resistance, the dolls are « sealed » with Chinese characters that appeared like tattoos. Branded like cattle, the Barbie dolls cut loose, provoke and put up a fight.While some women are still in search of a fundamental freedom, others take their cause to the point of losing their identity. In a wild society constantly asking for more, Caroline Notté presents the women as  "superwomen". The Woman is the key driving force of our society. Everlasting, the modern Woman is immortal... "Doll never dies." “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” Born in 1977 in Belgium. Lives and works in Brussels.

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