About DE MOL Anne

Anne De Mol is Belgian multidisciplinary artist.

Anne De Mol painted the body in motion for more than 30 years before starting her passion for sculptures 15 years ago. 

Her techniques are varied, combining the strength of bronze, lightweight plaster and strings. In her works, the human remains at the center of its concerns, especially women, harboring sensuality, strength but also fragility. Balanced on top of sprawling socles, tangled in inextricable network of strings coated with plaster, movements or contemplative to the wide world around them, her bronze sculpted figures are invitations to jump in with both feet in the intoxicating world of Anne De Mol. An ode to life!

Recurring themes as balance and equilibrium are part of the compositions of Anne De Mol. 

Anne De Mol studied at the Bischoffsheim Institute Brussels,  the Beaux-Arts Academy of  Watermael-Boitsfort, the Hogere Rijksschool voor Beeldende Kunst in Etterbeek and at the BENK in Brussels. 

Anne De Mol won several prizes including the Public Price for sculpture at the Corpus exhibition in 2005 or the  P.W. De Muylder Public Price for her paintings in 1994. 

Born in 1949. Lives and works in Brussels. 

Artworks from DE MOL Anne

exhibitions from DE MOL Anne


2018   Atelier Anne De Mol (Brussels, BE)

2017   Atelier Anne De Mol (Brussels, BE)

2016  Galerie ABC (Brussels, BE)

2014  Galerie Alfican (Brussels, BE)

2012  Galerie Alfican (Brussels, BE)

2010  Cobalt International Gallery (Brussels, BE)

2009  Galerie Alfican (Brussels, BE)


2019   Truc troc, Art & Design, Bozar (Brussels, BE)

2019 Africa, Alexia Werrie Gallery (Tervuren, BE) 

2018 Sablon d'Art (Brussels, BE)

2018 Ethnic, Alexia Werrie Gallery (Tervuren, BE) 

2018   Médiatine (Tervuren, BE) 

2017   Ferme Rose, Lions Club (Brussels, BE)

2017   Maison Haute (Brussels, BE)

2017   Truc Troc Bozar (Brussels, BE)

2016  Matières, Spot U Art (Brussels, BE) 

2016  Into the Wild, Spot U Art (Brussels, BE) 

2016 Artist collective Sablon d'Art (Brussels, BE) 

2015 Spot U Art, Sablon (Brussels, BE) 

2015  Art Dubaï, Vogelsang Art Gallery (Dubai) 

2015  Spot U Art Event: Art leaves the web (Brussels, BE)

2014  AAF - Affordable Art Fair, Cobalt International Gallery (Brussels, BE)

2013  "Au fil de l'eau" Expo d'ensemble Maison Haute (Brussels, BE)

2013  Sandrine Heerebout _ Espace d'arts (Brussels, BE)

2013  AAF - Affordable Art Fair, Cobalt International Gallery (Brussels, BE)

2012  Automatesgalerie -Claude André (Brussels, BE) 

2012  "Art Nocturne Knocke", Scharpoord & Hotel"La Réserve" Galerie Balastra (BE)

2012  ART TRUC TROC BOZAR (Brussels, BE)

2012  LINEART (Ghent, BE)

2011  FACON DE BOUGER, Musée du pays d'Ourthe-Amblève (BE)




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