Biography of Christian DONCK

Painting is a source of rebirth and intellectual awakening that opens up

a complete language of free expression and thought.

Always looking for the vibrancy and variation of light and color in his monochromes, Christian Donck works with brush and palette. His preferred colors are red, black and white.
Tones are posed as a flat tint, liberating the translucidity and vibrancy of the colors and contributing to the expression of tension in the painting due to the force of attraction between them. The numerous layers of paint are superposed which then interact chromatically. This allows the material to speak with its relief and serves to modulate the colors whose subtle nuances have a functional role.

It is the result of an intuition and a spontaneity, foreseeable but not always predetermined, beause my hand never says its last word regarding the calculated opposition of colors.

His lively interest in pictural art was confirmed as he began to paint at his retirement in 2002. At that time he started following regular courses and workshops at "Ateliers Malou" in Brussels.

He became a self taught painter, installing his own workshop attached to his Brussels home, where he works with acrylic painting on canvas. He regularly participates in several exhibitions.
His inspiration is confirmed in a work that is abstract , constructed and concrete. He searches particularly for the vibrations and variations of color light in his monochromes.

Born in 1937. Lives and works in Brussels. 

Artworks by Christian DONCK

Exhibitions and Publications


2016 Matières, Spot U Art (Tervuren, BE)

2016 Accessible Art Fair (Brussels, BE) 

2016 Confluence, Spot U Art (Knokke, BE)

2016 Into the Wild, Spot U Art (Tervuren, BE)

2016 L’art pour l’Accueil, Châtelain 18 (Brussels, BE)

2015 Spot U Art (Sablon, BE) 

2015 L’art pour l’Accueil, Châtelain 18 (Brussels, BE)

2014 L'art pour l'Acceuil ( Chatelain) - Brussels 

2013 Espace Brugmann Galery - Brussels

2013 l'Accueil (Chatelain) - Brussels

2013 Art Perspective International (Kraainem) - Brussels

 2012 Campo Antwerpen - Antwerp

 2012 l'Accueil (Pierre Bergé) - Brussels

2011 Espace Brugmann Galery - Brussels

2011 Art Perspective International - Sablon (Brussels)

2011 l'Accueil (Pierre Bergé) - Brussels

2011 ArtOf Galery - Brussels         

2010 ArtOf Galery - Brussels

2010 l'Accueil (Pierre Bergé) - Brussels

2009 United Artists Fair (Tours et Taxis) - Brussels

2009 International Club Chateau St-Anne - Brussels

2009 Artistes de Woluwe-St-Pierre - Brussels

2009 L'Accueil (Pierre Bergé) - Brussels