About GALASSI René

Nice, this lively city animated by the humming rhythm of la dolce vita, is where René GALASSI lives and creates his paintings, sculptures and etchings.

His passion was inspired by his Italian family: traditional cabinet markers on his father's side and musicians on his mother's side. He had been immersed in this creative world and, as a young man, he decided to devote himself to the artistic endeavor.

The encounter with Henri Baviera introduced René Galassi to the world of etchings and its specific techniques. Till this day, one can observe how his fascinating etchings are marked by precision, care and patience.

The intense emotions triggered by the explosion of light that reigns over the Old Town and Cours Saleya are translated with the same meticulousness. The unique southern light projected onto the foam of the blue waves is represented by the self-taught artist on different media. Galassi's multidisciplinary talent gives birth to creations manifested on unusual supports, such as his paper Calicots. In his own vision, forms projects itself in order to transform and vivify matter and give birth to itself. The eruption of light and color, formed by pigment and passion, makes each creation an ode to the Mediterranean Sea.

Lives and works in Nice, France. 

René Galassi from Philippe Rouget on Vimeo.


Artworks from GALASSI René

exhibitions from GALASSI René


2016 Atelier Andelu (Vallauris, France)

2015 Galerie Jas la rimade  (Carces France)

2014  Renting Art (Paris, France)                

2014  Centre culturelle de Beausoleil (France)

2012  Le Safranier - Antibes (Nice)

2012  Le Mirazur - Menton (France)

2012  Librairie-Galerie Matarasso - Nice (France)

2012  Immobilière Tichadou - Nice (France)

2012  Galerie des Dominicains - Nice (France)

2012  La conciergerie Gounod - Nice (France)

2011  Galerie Bogena - Saint-Paul (France)

2010  Château Rode de Herzogenrath - Aachen (Allemagne)

2009  Valbonne (France)

2009  Beausoleil (France)

2006  Chapelle des pénitents blancs - Vence (France)

GROUP EXHIBITIONS                 

2017   Art up Lille, Galerie  Gabel  (Biot, France)
2017   Galerie  Artima (London, UK)      
2016  Hommage au groupement « Espace », Musée Fernand Léger - Musée de la Céramique (Biot, France)
2015  Salon de ville franche (A.M.) (France)
2014  Salon Art 3f (Nice, France)
2013  La messe des artistes » , Eglise St Pierre d’Arene-Nice  (France)

2013  Düsseldorf (Germany)

2013  Galerie des Dominicains Nice (France)

2012  La messe des artistes", Eglise Saint-Pierre d'Arène - Nice (France)

2012  Galerie Jas de la Rimade - Carcès (France)

2012  Galerie Bebb & Sekers - Alderey Edge (Angleterre)

2012  Comité AIAP Unesco - Monaco (Monaco)

2011  Galerie Synthèse - Bruxelles (Belgique)

2011  Galerie Pictor - Munka Ljungby (Suède)

2011  Galerie del Cavallo - Quiliano (Italie)

2011  "L'art en place", - Vence (France)

2011  Szczecin (Pologne)

2011  La Semeuse - Nice (France)

2011  Sang neuf - Nice (France)

2010  Atelier Renato Soardi - Nice (France)

2009  Salon de l'estampe, (Grand Palais) - Paris (France)

2008  Salon de l'estampe, (Grand Palais) - Paris (France)

2008  "L'Art en Place", - Vence (France)

2007  Salon de l'estampe, (Grand Palais) - Paris (France)

2004  Foire LINE'ART, - Gand (Belgique)