Biography of Christian NESLER

Christian Nesler is a French sculptor. 

Lover of the Atlantic coast and what remains abandoned by the ocean, he wanders in search of new materials. His findings then mutate thanks to the saw or laser to create regular squares as "pixel sea." Appears an abstract composition with magnitudes of the ocean.

Christian Nesler, with lightness, love and creativity gives these neglected dynamism materials a second life. By mixing materials and colors, it recreates a navy of a mosaic of infinite blue atmosphere. The ocean is for him a source of inspiration where the hulls of boats of fishermen are imbued with shades of the sea.

Carved paintings, wooden pictures wooden or marquetry? Each piece is unique.

Born in France in 1949. Lives and works at the Ile de Ré (FR). 

Artworks by Christian NESLER

Exhibitions and Publications


2014  Galerie Art Jingle (Paris, FR)

2013  Pixels de Mer, Galerie Art Jingle (Paris, FR)

2012  Galerie Xin Art, La Rochelle et Île de Ré (FR)


2016 Matières, Spot U Art (Tervuren, BE) 

2016 Confluence, Spot U Art (Knokke, BE)

2016 Authentic and So (Brussels, BE)  

2016 Into the wild, Spot U Art (Tervuren, BE) 

2016 Spot U Art, Eggsplore (Diegem, BE) 

2015 Spot U Art (Sablon, BE)

2014 Spot U Art, Ancienne Quincaillerie van AA (Brussels, BE)

2013  Galerie W (Paris, FR)

2013  Galerie Xin Art, La Rochelle et Île de Ré (FR)

2012  Galerie Art Jingle (Paris, FR)

2011 Galerie W (Paris, FR)