About NIELSEN Sabine

Sabine Nielsen discovered the pleasure of painting while at the Linou Truffino studio, which she attended from eight to fifteen, and where she learned the secrets of light and working with oils.

Sabine Nielsen studied art at Val-Notre-Dame before joining "Le 75", and then attended the "Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles". Subsequently, she learned the art of "faux marbre" and "faux bois" at the Van Der Kelen-Logelain school.

Initially a figurative artist, for the past few years Sabine Nielsen has been moving towards a more contemporary and personal style of painting. Her previous exhibitions, which featured work based on ellipses ("Circles"), foreshadowed this evolution.

Her inner vision is expressed through what is seen and felt in the present moment. Her constant inspiration is the timeless and endlessly renewable "circle of life", explored through different mediums: voids, solids, transparency and space. Strength and calmness are present simultaneously.

Moving from the curve to the sphere via drops of paint, Sabine Nielsen tries to astonish the viewer by the diversity of her techniques. More than words, her canvases express the emotions of a past moment, or those of a future that leaves us dreaming. 

Since 1999, Sabine Nielsen has organized several exhibitions to present her work such as "Goutte-à-Goutte" at Rue des Minimes Grand Sablon (Brussels), "Cercles" at the Loft gallery (Brussels) or “Happy Colours” at B19 (Brussels).

Sabine Nielsen has taken part to several collective exhibitions such as “Quel Avenir pour le Future?” at Foyer Patrimonium (Luxembourg), "Truc-Troc" at Bozar (Brussels), “Haiti” at Botanique (Brussels), "Rodeart" (Brussels), "MAC" at Montreux (Switzerland), "AAF" (Brussels), "FACE for children in need" (Brussels). 

Sabine Nielsen has been exposed in different Galleries such as the Deï Barri Gallery (Saint-Tropez), the Art Temptation Gallery (Brussels), the HIP Gallery (Paris-1st District), the Ferrari Art Gallery (Switzerland), the Astrartes Art Gallery (Brussels).

Sabine was part of the Launch Event of Spot U Art in March 2014 (Brussels).

Her work can be seen in various collections such as at Bank Petercam, at Bureau Van Dijk, at Foyer Patrimonium, at UCB, at the European Commission or in Private Collections.

Born in 1975 in London. Lives and works in Lasne (Belgium).

Artworks from NIELSEN Sabine

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exhibitions from NIELSEN Sabine


2019 Africa, Alexia Werrie Gallery (Tervuren, BE)
2018 Ethnic, Alexia Werrie Gallery (Tervuren, BE)
2017 MOdus 8 Gallery (BE)
2017 Art Center Hores Gallery
2017 Ferrari Art Gallery (Vevey)
2016 Matières, Alexia Werrie Gallery (Tervuren, BE)
2016 Ferrari Art Gallery (Vevey)
2016  Into the Wild, Alexia Werrie Gallery (Tervuren, BE)
2015 Spot U Art, Sablon (Brussels, BE) 
2015 Open studio "Goutte-à-goutte et Spotty" (BE)
2015 Solo exhibition DEGROOF Bank (Wavre, BE)
2015 Spot u Art: Art leaves the web, Espace AA Quinquaillerie (Brussels, BE)
2015 Open studio 
2015 Oeuvre caritative Villa Indigo, Château Saint-Anne (Brussels, BE)
2014 Spot U Art launch event, Hangar 18 (Brussels, BE)