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About ROLIN Emilie

Emilie Rolin (b. 1982) is a Belgian-born photographer.

Reflection is one of Emilie’s significant projects that she has been developing over the past five years. She started in New York, then continued it in France, and now in Hong Kong. Her work reflects the diverse experiences of our life’s journey by depicting achievements in every picture.

The Hong Kong series has a very hectic and dynamic tone just like the city it represents. Every image has its story and represents a personal experience that can easily be everyone’s. Emilie draws her inspiration from spiritual meditation and immersion in her immediate surroundings, which is actualized through her body of work. Her technique is to overlap two photographs that give new perspective to each picture. These raw photographs are taken from instinct, even viscerally, to create a multidimensional image that draws you directly into the visual element.

She studied photography in Brussels and did a Master in Digital Photography at the school of Visual Arts in New York City in 2010. Her work has been shown in New York City at the School of Visual Arts Galleries where she won several awards.

Lives and works in Hong Kong. 

Artworks from ROLIN Emilie

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exhibitions from ROLIN Emilie


2013  Reflection, BFelix (Hong Kong)

2007  Our Children and Ecology, Leatitia de Caritat Gallery (Brussels, BE)

2007  Laetitia de Caritat Gallery (New York, USA and Brussels, BE)



2014 Spot U Art Launch event, Châtelain 18 (Brussels, BE)

2013  Kee Club (Hong Kong)

2011  First Art Festival at Lavaux Saint Anne (Rochefort, BE)

2010  Between, SVA Westside Gallery, New York City (NY, USA)

2008  Shadows, Cobalt International Gallery (Brussels, BE)



2010  International Aperture Awards, Bronze Award for the picture "Briou" SVA Galleries call for entries