About VANDEVELDE Barbara

Barbara Van de Velde is a Belgian artist.

Since her childhood she has always been drawn to creations with materials, the affected and the aesthetic of it as well as the pleasure of knead and discovering new sensations.

After 9 years of studies in Orthodontics, the opening of her office, Barbara takes the time to pursue her artistic passion.

She attends the private workshop of the artist Rosmorduc, where she learns, discovers and refines her mastery of the material.

Tàpies, large materialist, inspires her in her research. Bram Bogart, by its material and bright colours, became for her a reference. Pop Art, Andy Warhol, the enthusiasm of its colours and its subjects, and Rauschenberg for his collages, the first fruits of Street Art.

Banksy and his followers, capture her for the dynamics of the street art, ephemeral and poetic.

A mix of raw materials such as wood, sand, foam or concrete, and large pallet of colours characterizes her compositions.

In 2013, she starts the serie « Barbamania » where she explores the density of the material offered by Insulation foam. The artist likes to play with the contradictions of softness offered by the foam combined with the hardness and the strength of the wood that she adds in certain of her compositions.

Born in 1976 in Belgium. Lives and works in Lasne (Belgium)

Artworks from VANDEVELDE Barbara

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exhibitions from VANDEVELDE Barbara


2016  Matières, Spot U Art (Brussels, BE) 

2016  Confluence, Spot U Art (Knokke, BE) 

2016  Into the Wild, Spot U Art (Brussels, BE) 

2015  Spot U Art, Sablon (Brussels, BE) 

2015  Authentic and So, in collaboration with Spot U Art (Merchtem, BE)

2015  Spot U Art: Art leaves the web, Ancienne Quincaillerie van AA (Brussels, BE)

2014  AMADE, Campo gallery (Antwerp, BE)

2014  B19 (Brussels, BE)

2014  Loft 202 (Brussels, BE)

2012  B19 (Brussels, BE)